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Convert Your Audience: 3 Steps to Self-Aware Public Speaking

Have you ever wondered whether what you say matches your messaging about your product or service? Entrepreneurs and small business owners represent their brands every time they speak, whether in…

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Dispel the Myth of Work-Life Balance by Sharpening Your Work-Life Focus

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Master or Muppet? 3 Questions to Determine Whether a Coach Is Reputable.

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Public Speaking in Two Words: Be Direct

Making credible, direct statements and requests gives off the impression that you’re a clear thinker. Whether it’s public speaking or general conversation, people tend to prattle to be polite, to warm up,…

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Take an Audience From ‘So What?’ to ‘Now What?’ Advice From a TED Speaker Coach

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Debunking ‘Diversity’ by Amplifying Inclusion

In business, as in biology, strength lies in difference, not similarity. According to McKinsey, the most ethnically and gender-diverse companies outperform the least diverse. In today’s global workforce, it doesn’t take…

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The Top 10 Leadership Habits To Eliminate From Your Company

Seeing yourself and your behavior clearly and objectively can be incredibly difficult, especially for a seasoned leader. As a global executive coach, much of my practice is focused on a…