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3 Secrets to Keeping Your Audience Interested, From a TED Talk Coach

Well-practiced imperfection may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s exactly what you need to achieve if you want to move your audience to action.   Working with TEDx presenters as…

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What’s Your Point? 3 Rules For Communicating With Executives

Getting to the point is a promotable skill — learn how to master it so you can rise up.   When you’re a young, rising star you have to work…

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3 Ways Leaders Use Conflict to Find Creative Solutions to Problems

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China 2.0: Four Things to Know Before Moving to The Wild Wild East

When I moved to China in 1998, it was impossible for me to find a Starbucks, a place that served an egg and cheese bagel, a roasted chicken for Sunday…

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Why Aren’t More Mainland Chinese-born CEOs in Leading Foreign and Fortune 500 Companies?

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3 Simple Ways Great Bosses Lead Their Teams

Today’s workforce knows fewer borders because working with people from all around the world is the new normal. While you may not deal with country and state borders anymore, you…

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Forget PowerPoint: 3 Ways to Make Your Presentation More Relatable

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The 3 Types of Fear That Are Hindering Your Growth as a Leader