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3 Ways to Choose Words That Will Grab the Attention of Everyone in the Room

Words count. When you speak, people look at the whole package. What you say and how you say it counts: Do you project confidence and relay a compelling message? Even…

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Dispel the Myth of Work-Life Balance by Sharpening Your Work-Life Focus

Your full focus needs to be on inspiration. Why? Because it drives creativity and innovation. One of my least favorite corporate terms is “work-life balance.” Do you know anyone who has mastered…

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Master or Muppet? 3 Questions to Determine Whether a Coach Is Reputable.

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Take an Audience From ‘So What?’ to ‘Now What?’ Advice From a TED Speaker Coach

It’s your responsibility to determine how to make a cohesive, relevant connection between you, your content, and the audience. Giving a speech poses bigger challenges than simply overcoming your shaky…

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3 Tips to Master the Moment in Every Conversation

Consider treating every conversation like a public speaking opportunity. Know your main point, connect with your audience, and validate your assumptions. When you come prepared, you and your words will…

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The Top 10 Leadership Habits To Eliminate From Your Company