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Eliminate Filler Words and Clean Up Your Vocabulary

Have you ever counted how often you say “kinda,” “sorta,” “you know,” “I guess,” and “like”? Filler words disable your message, detracting from your ability to be clear, understood, and credible. If you can’t state…

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What’s Your Point? 3 Rules For Communicating With Executives

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3 Ways Leaders Use Conflict to Find Creative Solutions to Problems

Tension is healthy when you give it space to spark creative solutions rather than erode the relationships among team members.   Every team is inherently dysfunctional. It’s the differences in…

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3 Simple Ways Great Bosses Lead Their Teams

Today’s workforce knows fewer borders because working with people from all around the world is the new normal. While you may not deal with country and state borders anymore, you…

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Forget PowerPoint: 3 Ways to Make Your Presentation More Relatable

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The 3 Types of Fear That Are Hindering Your Growth as a Leader

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Master the Art of Owning the Room (It Could Get You Promoted)

Holding power in a room requires possessing a point of view. Even if you’re expanding upon and ideating live, your POV is a way to create differentiation and clarity. Too…

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3 Ways to Choose Words That Will Grab the Attention of Everyone in the Room