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3 Tips to Maximize Your Leadership Interactions

As a leader, your interactions with people intersect across multiple tangents, arcs, and spins. You’re “on” all day,¬†from when the alarm goes off and you check your email for the…

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What’s Your Point? 3 Rules For Communicating With Executives

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3 Ways Leaders Use Conflict to Find Creative Solutions to Problems

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3 Tips for Dealing with Power Players

Interacting with executives can be nerve-wracking. After all, why would they want to listen to you? As I’ve learned after decades of executive coaching globally, you don’t have to be…

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Forget PowerPoint: 3 Ways to Make Your Presentation More Relatable

Ever see this? People presenting at a meeting or pitching to clients will click to a slide, look at the audience, and then turn back to the slide. It’s like…

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The 3 Types of Fear That Are Hindering Your Growth as a Leader

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Master the Art of Owning the Room (It Could Get You Promoted)

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3 Ways to Choose Words That Will Grab the Attention of Everyone in the Room

Words count. When you speak, people look at the whole package. What you say and how you say it counts: Do you project confidence and relay a compelling message? Even…